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Welcome to the Vinyl Single Covers Archive.

For the seasoned Vinyl music lovers of you out there, this website will serve as a vehicle to transport you back in time. Back to the days when there was a certain magical feeling about holding a vinyl single in your hands, which was often intensified by interesting or unusual artwork on the sleeve. Somehow, CD covers don't seem to have the same feel as those 7x7 inch packets which used to adorn vinyl singles - maybe due to the smaller format, who knows?
The main aim of this website is to re-live the nostalgia invoked by those miniature works of art that adorned the covers of our chart music form the late 50's up to the early 90's. These pages explore the time when vinyl was king - when these little black discs were placed on the record deck, and played over and over again.

Sleeve design is the main criteria for entries stored here, rather than the merits of the artist or song. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, cringe at them, or just would rather forget that you are old enough to remember them, a growing number of these long forgotten artworks can be found here!

Newly added covers now have five or ten second audio clips to help recollect the song! All audio clips have been taken directly from the archived vinyl featured.

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